Sacha joined the Fiena Members Club two years ago and has been a valuable part of the Club and community. She shares a bit about her backstory here, and her motivations behind launching her business. 


Biggest motivation or lesson learnt?

I was 13 going on 25, living on the streets. In that moment in my life, I knew that safety, security and financial stability were the three key ingredients for my survival and happiness. That transpired into a hunger for success and to be as far away from ever having to have a life like that again. I always dreamed of having my own business, I loved the idea of calling the shots to create something exactly as I envisioned. The turning point was when in my previous job I was burning out for someone else’s business. Helping to run and vastly improve a mini corporate dental business with many hurdles and being a passionate person, it eventually took its toll when being met against too much friction. Life is too short to be working someone else’s dream especially if you’re burning out. So I left the Business Development Manager role and took 3 months off, it was during this time I started to put my business plans together. So my business motivation was the desire to want a better life then what I left behind & what better business to have then to source and sell the beautiful creature comforts I once desired to feel safe & cosy. Applying my business knowledge and inner creative self landed me 

The Eureka moment behind your business 

My eureka moment was cemented when I attended a huge business conference in Vegas. I went to this event with a brain like a sponge, hungry to learn everything I could in order to successfully build my business. I received business advice from entrepreneurial moguls such as the former US president Donald Trumps presidential campaign manager, Brad Parscale, right the way through to the likes of famous household superstars such as comedian Kevin Hart, boxer Floyd Mayweather, singer Usher and actor John Travolta. The conference itself fuelled my motivation and provided me with all the tools I needed to get up and running. I’d recommend anyone with a drive to succeed to attend. It’s called the 10X Growth Conference and is a massive worldwide movement.  


How do you merge lifestyle & adventure with business? 

I can proudly say that I can quite literally work from anywhere in the world. So long as there’s a WiFi connection or mobile phone signal... I’m good to go. Which means I get to continue to travel as I desire and still provide my business the attention it requires. The downside to that... when I holiday, I still have to liaise with customers, artists and suppliers. But if you want to be successful... hard work pays. 

Biggest piece of advice for any entrepreneur in the making

“Invest in Yourself and only good will follow”


What are your future plans 

Everyday I get up and apply myself to my business. I’m working towards building a strong reputable household known brand, employing a team of people with similar visions and aspirations and working with some of the worlds best artists, designers and creators. Watch this space...

You can connect with Sacha on Instagram and see her brand here or - of course, apply to join the Fiena Club and meet Sacha at one of the events!


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