5 Steps to Living Magically with Katharine Dever – Fiena London

We caught up with Kat Dever, regarded as one of the leading authorities on instinct and intuition for life and business transformation and success. 

Kat dedicates her career to helping people elevate, and live in flow with their work, world and build their ladder to infinite success and opportunity, offering a hint of magic.

We asked Kat her 5 top tips for living magically. 

1. Experience yourself as a part of something bigger than you.

Do you know you are in an infinite interconnected web of life? You area part of the Cosmos, a divine spark, one cell in a collective of many cells in the body, a drop in the Ocean. How does your heart feel to remember yourself as an intrinsic and intricate part of this? A dancer in the Cosmic dance? The word ‘uni’ means ‘one’ ‘verse’ means song … you are a singer in the ‘one song’ you are an important part of all creation. You are a child of God. You don’t have a soul you ARE a soul. You have a body, a mind, a job etc but you are a soul.

2. So as you remember who you really are and decide to live more attuned to your true magical nature, your natural desires will be drawn to you.

The next step is the experience that you are in a relationship within this wider, bigger ecosystem and gently notice how you interact and relate to other people, places, and things within this web of life. Notice your beliefs, limits and fears as they come up. Now gently observe, without judgement, your relationship with the core things that affect your life- your relationship to your mind, your body, your living environment, your family and loved ones, your money and the Earth. Are you in alignment with love in these areas or are you fearful and harsh on yourself and others? just notice without judgement. It can help to write down this step and get honest with yourself about the health and well-being of your approach. How do you see yourself in relationship to these important aspects?

3. Affirm that you are a powerful creator in your own right, and you’ve been given agency on this Earth and a role here.

That with your connection to your Higher Power you are able to manifest a new reality, if you are willing to write a new story, and open to Magic, miracles and blessings from the infinite source of All/God/ Higher Power/The Divine. Use this power to bless all your relationships, your body, your food and water and even the people that trigger you or relationships you find challenging. Begin to ask to see everything through a Hgher Perspective. Be willing to see things differently and ask for help.

4. Trust your guidance.

Now that you have entered your postcode into the satnav you will be guided, and course corrected, directed and ushered to where you want to go, just like a GPS. 

Use your wise guide inside -your intuition is constantly sharing information with you through subtle nudges and hunches, non-verbal cues, and feelings, flashes, ideas and dreams …pay attention. Move towards what your heart loves and follow what feels good.

5. Treat yourself each day.

Keep your vibration high and stay on track with daily mindful moments of relaxation, self-care, energetic hygiene and allowing space for magic and miracles to flow. Enjoy giving yourself an energy bath and basking. Raise your vibrations and let yourself feel the desired emotions you want to receive and imagine having already succeeded to rewire your neural pathways so that you fully relax and trust it’s safe to rest to receive to restore and to be supported in expected and unexpected ways. As you enjoy the journey.

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