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As part of our Galentine’s Day celebrations, a homage to our bona fide confidants, we wanted to commemorate the season of love to some of the most iconic female duos on television.

A bestie's love is an unparalleled kind of love. It’s the unconditional warmth that we feel when we wake up in the morning and remember that someone in this world accepts us for all of us. It’s the comfort that we receive when our world is balancing itself on a pair of seven inch stilettos, but they teach us how to walk again. It’s the uncontrollable and conjoint laughter that reverberates outwards in a room filled with silence, but for you and your bestie, the party just peaked.

So this article is dedicated to the ones that make us laugh until we cry, and cry until we book that impromptu flight to Paris, so we can live out our lifelong fantasy of sipping Champagne at the Moulin Rouge, with them by our side.

Our Top 5 iconic female duos (in no specific order).

Rachel and Monica (Friends)

The iconic 90’s dream team we never knew we needed. These two highschool Friends were living in parallel worlds when Rachel Green entered screen after ditching her fiance at the altar. Monica's patience and hospitality to show Rachel the inner-city life safely embedded her onto the famous Central Perk couch, and into our hearts. Their friendship endured Rachel’s on-off romance with Monica’s brother, and several other dramas, including Monica losing a bet and trading in their apartment. But through it all, these two are the epitome of the perfect on-air gal-mance.

Jess and Cece (New Girl)

Every influencer needs a quirky bestie, and every offbeat sidekick needs an elegant, yet solid partner in crime. This comedic duo may have at times appeared to have little in common, and may not always see eye to eye, but these two are the penultimate of friendship goals. They are the sort of friends that manage to almost break up and repair a wedding all in the same day, and despite their miscommunications they always have each other's backs.

Fleabag and Claire (Fleabag)

These two sisters are a humbling reminder that we may not always like the choices our besties make, but we love them anyway. Fleabag is an extraordinary on-air display of the best friend that makes questionable life decisions, but a glowing reminder that mistakes are a necessary part of growth. Despite their opposing temperaments, Claire and Fleabag’s love for each other is a comforting demonstration that our sisters are our non-judgemental sounding boards, and for that we love them so!

Abbi and Ilana (Broad City)

The inexcusable and humorous NYC duo that have us gagging for more. Abbi and Ilana are the embodiment of the overwhelm we experience when we are confronted by the inescapable reality of adulting. Their unapologetic display of 'figuring it out' is an elevating reminder that it is sometimes OK to not be OK. Their rip-roaring shenanigans through the city, and shared passion for midnight pizza is the kind of love story that we can get down with.

Lorelai and Rory - Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls stole our hearts with their unique and charming display of mother and daughter besties. Lorelai shows us the tremendous courage it takes to be a single mother, who is doing her best to raise an independent young woman. The duo don’t always understand one another, as we watch Rory’s coming-of-age dramas, and the over-protective mother that has to learn to loosen her grip to allow her rebellious teenage daughter to grow. Both characters act out the role of parent and daughter as they learn to be vulnerable, together.

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