Get To Know The Fiena Team: Sophie, Event Experience Manager – Fiena London

FIENA is growing. What was once a one-woman mission has since blossomed into a whole team of inspiration women working together to achieve one goal: ensure London women have a safe space to spread their wings, come together and create lifelong memories. 

As we grow as a team, we thought it was about time to introduce you to some of us, starting with our latest Event Experience Manager, Sophie. 

Having trained as a dancer and worked in events for years, Sophie brings a wealth of experience to the table as well as her intoxicating friendly energy and bubbly personality. We chatted with her to find out more about why she joined London’s best female social club… 

Having recently joined the team, Sophie has been quick to get stuck into hosting the events. She said, “I’m really loving it so far! The best thing about Fiena is that it brings everyone together, giving you the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet in day to day life!” 

We’re all well versed in knowing how difficult it is to meet new friends in everyday situations, but FIENA is a space that allows you to meet new people. Sophie continued, “We tend to stick in our friendship circles as we get older, not pushing ourselves or learning from people in other industries and backgrounds. Fiena gives you that opportunity which is great!” 

Although she may have only just joined the team, Sophie’s connection with FIENA stems deeper. “I had followed FIENA on Instagram for a while and signed up to the newsletter, but never got around to doing anything!” Sophie explained. “Then one day I came across an events post on linked in and applied straight away. I used to work as an event manager pre covid and really missed the social side working in events bring.”

Having worked in events for several years, she was eager to kickstart the FIENA journey. “After my initial call with Jae I was really excited to meet the others and learn more about the club! Everyone had different strengths and things they brought to the club which was great,” she said. “The opportunity to help bring together a group of women all pushing themselves in their field was exciting to me. I’m a very active and social person, I love to dance, do yoga or anything adventurous, so getting to host fun events was a dream!”

And jump into the activities is exactly what she did! From hosting puppy yoga sessions to roller skating around Hyde Park with Rachel Rae, Fiena events push the boundaries and offer Londoners the chance to get active and social. But for her favourite event to date, Sophie explained why bouldering surprised her the most. “Even though bouldering wasn’t the one I was most excited for it was such a fun challenge, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it if I’m honest!” She continued, “The group was mixed with half having been to the centre before and half it being their first time, which worked out amazingly! Everyone was so encouraging in helping teach each other tricks to get to different parts of the course, while also having the chance to push themselves, it’s scarier than it looks!” She says it’s the smiles on the Fiena members faces that keep Sophie loving to be a host. 

If you’re thinking of joining as a member but are yet to make the jump, Sophie has some wise words of wisdom… “Do it! You won’t regret it!” She shares what you can expect, “a group of supportive, inspiring women who are look to grow and connect with like minded people! The best thing about Fiena is the women in it! You get to go to some really cool events but it’s the women at the events that make it! Everyone is so friendly and there for the same reason!” 


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