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LYMA have been making waves in the women's health industry since the beginning of 2018 and are on a mission to invent the future of wellness.


Founded on unconventional means by Founder Lucy Goff, their story and their impact has the power to revolutionise our relationship to wellness.

Lucy Goff has committed herself to empowering people back to health and beyond, since her own story led her down the path to being the founder of a revolutionary wellness brand, offering people an opportunity to support their body and mind & wellbeing, with LYMA’s industry leading supplements.

Lucy’s story is one filled with heart, courage and a life changing chance meeting. After she had given birth to her daughter in 2012, she fell ill and spent six weeks in hospital battling septicaemia. After seeing several leading physicians, all offering her a variety of different drugs, she couldn’t see any improvement in her health. Lucy began taking supplements to support her healing, but she wasn’t seeing any recovery.

A chance meeting with Dr Paul Clayton, a world authority on preventative degenerative disease, changed her life forever. He taught Lucy that many supplements on the market that deliver no proven benefits, so he prescribed Lucy a new type of supplement using peer-reviewed, patented ingredients. Within months, Lucy’s health significantly improved, and this life-changing experience inspired the birth of LYMA .

LYMA are now industry-leading in the wellness space, with their supplements offering something for everyone, to support people living their best selves, and with true vitality. They’ve also launched a ‘LYMA Laser’, proven to reverse aging of the skin, working with 2 patented internal diffusers, which is optimised for all skin tones, and safe to use at home. The LYMA Laser is the most powerful at-home beauty device to rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles, skin pigmentation, redness and scarring using medical grade technology.  

In 2023, when the beauty industry is full of different options, we are so happy to see a brand with innovation at its' heart; a brand that wants to truly empower women to live a life full of vitality and wellness. You can learn how to manage stress and anxiety levels, improve your sleep and balance your hormones with the LYMA Supplement, whilst the ‘LYMA Laser’ is revolutionizing how we use laser in the modern world. 

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