Meet Lucy, our new Community Manager – Fiena London

At FIENA we’re always looking onto our next adventure, and the ride-or-dies that will sit beside us, rev up our engine and cheer for us as we cruise to the finishing line.

We recently brought some new energy into our team to shake things up a little, and to help expand our goals as London’s best female-only member’s club. Upon our search, we found Lucy, a digital-marketer with a flair for words and events. She isn’t a one-size-fits all kind of girl, so we thought she was a perfect match.

We had a little catch up with Lucy to introduce her to our amazing community, and to find out a little more about her FIENA goals.

So Lucy, talk to us about your background, what brought you to FIENA?

Well I think the question is, why wasn’t I with FIENA sooner? But seriously, I’ve always had a passion for community and supporting women on their journey of life. I worked in the music industry for over 7 years, helping people achieve their dreams, and building a community around that. I used to host 52 events a year, to create spaces for young artists to connect, as well as help to build a strategy around making the community I supported to feel seen. I also have a background in the arts, and a flair for words, which I now express through a blog about my hilarious dating life, but also through the FIENA Times.

All of my experiences managing digital platforms and supporting people in the creative world to have amazing experiences has brought me to FIENA. I feel so grateful to be working with an incredible female team, and to get to share many wonderful experiences.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Well, other than getting to work this dream job? I used to be quite a shy woman. In my career I made it my goal to face the fear and do it anyway. Stages used to be my enemy, and then at some point I just decided I wasn’t going to let the fear live with me anymore. Within a year I became the compare and host at one of North London’s most popular talent nights, I read poetry on stage, I hosted panels with famous singers and musicians, and launched a podcast. 

What does community mean to you?

To me, community is a place where you can be unapologetically yourself, and never feel judged for it. It’s that feeling when you can fall into the arms of a friend on any day and know that you will be held. A community grows together, cries together, drives together. I feel we do not have enough community among women in London, which is why what FIENA is doing is so important.

What division would you say you most align with?

This is such a hard one, because I think like all women I see a little bit of myself in all of them, but I would probably have to say Heart and Soul. I’ve always had a deep love for the metaphysical world, and learning about spirituality through time and culture. I used to host my own women’s circles, so women would have a space to let go of their nervous systems and just “be”, we’d host sound baths, meditations and I’d offer reiki healing, they were such beautiful events. 

I’ll be bringing some of my expertise in the holistic world into FIENA, looking at some summer 2023 events that will help our members connect to their inner zen.

What does achieving greatness mean to you?

Well, I believe greatness is about finding the best version of yourself, and trying your best to live with that person everyday. Some days you may not be able to, life is just life, but all we can ever do is be self aware, and show up. 

So what are you bringing to the FIENA table?

Well as well as supporting the team with a few events, I’ll be attending events and getting to know the amazing community. I’ll also be working BTS pulling together all of FIENA’s communications and making sure our community is the first to know when all the great stuff is happening here at HQ. I’ll also be a sounding board for women to talk and share their ideas.

Any parting wisdom?

I think it’s important to remember that we’re all on a journey, as we navigate life, but if we can find a group of people that we can share some of those moments with, that really is what life is about. So grab today, hug that friend, call that crush or book that plane ticket, the world awaits you.

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