The 5 FIENA Divisions – Fiena London

“One size doesn’t fit all, and neither does one membership.”

As we spend our days meeting and greeting the fierce women of the world seeking a new adventure, they stumble upon FIENA, and wonder, could it really be true? But we know there is a truth waiting to be unlocked within you, and we’re just here to facilitate the grand unveiling… 

The FIENA divisions are what makes our membership stand-out. We appreciate one shoe doesn’t fit all, but also believe that you can have the whole damn collection if you want to, and all of the luminous accessories to go with.

So in essence, you never have to choose which division you want to be a part of, because when you become a member at FIENA, you have access to all of it.

We created the divisions because we know that women are multi-talented and multi-faceted beings, with the courage and strength to be whoever they want to be, and we want to be the catalysts that support every multi-dimensional layer that exists within, and give our members a space to connect to every version of themselves for growth, joy and connection.

So for the Warrior Women, the Madame Mystics and the Kung-Fu Queens, we have got something for every single one of you… let’s dive in.


SAMURAI - “Not for the faint-hearted"

This division is for the women that enjoy the thrill of living their lives on the edge. For the women that throw themselves into adrenaline-fuelled spaces no matter how intimidating, and in spite of any challenges they face, they’ve mastered the “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

We believe the Samurai lives within us all, but sometimes we just need a gentle sway to unlock our inner-rebel. So if new and exhilarating experiences are your thing, you’ll enjoy being a Samurai.

Types of events associated with Samurai: 

Boxing, Supercar Racing, Bungee Jumping, Sporting Activities, Muay Thai, Rowing & more.

SHOWSTOPPER - “Keep your heels, head and standards high”

This division is for the culture lovers, fashionistas and cosmopolitan babes.. 

This is for the unapologetic women who enjoy the finer things, like sipping an Espresso Martini under the stars, and over the luminous city lights, in good company. The Showstopper represents the inner-glam girl that lives within us all, the women that show up to every fashion launch night, because they live for the new collections and unlimited bubbles.

The Showstopper usually lives a high-powered hectic lifestyle, and is the double-agent of the night, finding herself at creator parties, fine dining experiences and art-launches. So if you enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer in style, you’ll enjoy your Showstopping moments.

Types of events associated with Showstopper: 

London Fashion Week, Art Galleries, Club Nights, Burlesque, Make-up Sessions, Spa Getaways & more.

MAGIC - “You belong to the world and the world belongs to you”

This division is designed for every woman’s magic-seeker. 

With every woman there is a willing and untamed explorer waiting to unravel… a walker of the Earth, a lover of big-wide open spaces.

Magic is for the optimists, the get-up and doers, the girls that want to experience the richness of the world, and rather spend their mornings climbing a volcano, or serving their first wave on a surfboard. 

Magic is a space for women to unlock their own inner magic through finding their tribe while climbing a mountain in Costa Rica. If you enjoy feeling your inner essence while inhaling the world around you, you’ll enjoy being a conjurer of Magic with us.

Types of events associated with Magic: 

Surfing in Costa Rica, Morocco & Portugal, Luxury Weekends in Mykonos, Hiking & more.

GENTLEWOMAN - “I am not weird, I am limited edition”

This division is for the knowledge huntress with a growth mindset, and a lush for learning new talents.

Gentlewoman was a division created to inspire the expansive mind, encourage alternate ways of thinking, and transport women to events that will allow them to feel intellectually stimulated, but all while living the high-life.

This is the division where women realise they can be the mastermind to their very own worlds, and think outside the box, because let’s face it, we never fit into a box in the first place. If you’re the gentle and curious type of woman, you’ll flourish in this division.

Types of events associated with Gentlewoman: 

Poker Nights, Sales Training, Chess Tournaments, Business Seminars, Self-Development Workshops & more.

HEART & SOUL - “Visualise your highest self & start showing up as her”

This division is for the women who are looking to expand their consciousness, the spiritual sisters who are looking to connect to their dreams on a soul level.

A woman’s soul runs deeper than water, and the events in this division are created to help divine modern women go to the depths of their own truth and experience.

Through soul-enriching events, this division will help women to learn to balance their body and mind, and unearth themselves in moments of true self discovery and reflection. 

If you enjoy moments of calm and stillness, in the company of women who are looking to find those higher vibrations with you, if you live by the heart and lead by the soul, then this one's for you.

Types of events associated with Heart & Soul:

Breathwork Ceremonies, Kundalini Yoga, Sound baths, Reformer Pilates, Meditation & more.

If you like the sound of these divisions, and you’re still trying to work out if FIENA is for you, why not come along to one of our trial events? Get your heart singing and soul moving with our next event of the month, Unlock the Magic of your mind with Katharine Denver.


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