Barre and Bubbles! – Fiena London
Barre and Bubbles!
Barre and Bubbles!
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Barre and Bubbles!

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Join us on Saturday, 30th September at 13.00 for an extra long barre class with Barrefly Founder, Nesse. The werk will last 55 minutes and then we’ll have a lovely, long, restorative stretch at the end of class. Then we’ll finish the session with - what else from a studio named “BarreFly” - a glass of Champagne!

You’ll walk out feeling longer, stronger, and… slightly wobbly -
from the thigh work if not from the bubbles!

Barre brings ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training together for
a low-impact, full-body burn-fest that sculpts muscles, increases
flexibility and improves posture. But BARREFLY is more upbeat, more
irreverent, more... fun, frankly, than just about any other barre
classes out there. They don't do pretentious, clique-y, or judgemental.
And with the three class formats, including BARRE, BEND, and BOUNCE,
you can guarantee (err... in a non-legally-binding sense) that students
AND trainers will walk out of every session with sweat on their brows,
a tremble in their thighs, and a smile on their faces. That's why
classes book up weeks in advance, and why there is currently a
waitlist for private clients.

See you there!