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Fiena Founder, Jae Ruax, gets the inside scoop from Hilary Rowland, the woman behind London's most exciting fitness studios.  

United Fitness Brands is a supernova in the world of boutique fitness. As co- founder, what’s the vision? 

United Fitness Brands was founded to offer our curated portfolio of best-in-class wellness brands accelerated growth, scale and commercial prowess with the wellness industry and beyond. 

Tell us about the four brands that make up UFB. What’s unique about the UFB ethos?

KOBOX brings boxing to the masses within its state of the art, fight club meets nightclub spaces teaching boxing by numbers, which are then worked into combinations and projected on the studio wall for clients to follow on thier aqua boxing bag under the flashing lights and PUMPING music! 

The unique Barrecore Method is recognised as one of the fastest, safest and most effective body transformation exercises. The secret lies in exhausting your muscles with carefully choreographed low-impact movements that bring your body into the famous "Barrecore Shake". 

Boom Cycle engages riders mentally as well as physically through their unique experience. No numbers, no competition, just fun. With the lights low and a world-class sound system, riders are swept away and immersed into the ultimate ‘party on a bike’ experience. A programme designed with a vision to empower and to be anything but exclusive; there’s no pretentiousness, just high fives all round. Daily rides are led by expert motivators and caters to all abilities, but most importantly is here to encourage you to cutloose from your day and forget your stresses.

In all of their centres and online, triyoga have sought to honour both the history of yoga as well its ever-changing landscape, working with the best teachers who offer a broad range of authentic styles in classes, workshops and training, so that people can find a class and teacher that suits them. With a vision that by offering this variety, everyone – regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet and lifestyle – can develop a practice that they enjoy and benefit from.

How is UFB innovating the fitness industry?

Consolidation and upgraded support allows for economies of scale as well as shared knowledge and marketing reach among many other benefits including property negotiation and fundraising. 

Which is your favourite location? And why? What makes each location unique?

I don’t have any favourite locations, but I know the combination of Boom Cycle, Barrecore, triyoga and KOBOX works very well for my physical and mental health and my body is stronger and leaner than what I expected it might be in my forties thanks to this combo…

You also were the original founder of Boom Cycle 10 years ago. What’s your advice to female founders in the early stages of launching a business? 

Choose your brand values wisely after lots of careful thought. Having these decided will always help steer decisions and ensure your company’s direction does not get side tracked. 

What are the business principles that you live by?

Just keep going. It’s a roller coaster ride and it’s often darkest before the dawn. 

What should Londoners look forward to this year from UFB?

The same workouts you know and love for sure, and a bit of expansion. We’ve still got a few surprises up our sleeves as well - it’s only January!

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