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Ever wanted to give bouldering a try? We’ve recently teamed up with The Climbing Hangar, the indoor bouldering specialists helping to make climbing more accessible for everyone, to see what it's all about... 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have tried rock climbing at an activity camp growing up and hadn’t delved back into the activity since. That is, until recently when I saw the activity had picked up steam across the internet, with a new wave of eager climbers hitting the walls for the first time. 

It’s all largely thanks to the success of Shauna Coxsey, the English professional rock climber with more medals under her belt than we can count! Not only did she make it to the olympics, stood on 30 World Cup podiums and won 11 gold medals, she’s made indoor climbing a safe space for many women to give something new a go. 

But before she hit the podiums, Shauna started out at the Climbing Hangar and became their first female route setter, and still, she’s the club’s pro climbing ambassador. Ahead of our recent bouldering event, we had the chance to chat with one of Hangar’s instructors Magna to learn more about this fun exercise trend. 

While outdoor climbing might offer a sense of adventure and risk, indoor climbing is a great way to learn techniques and see if the skill if something you’d like to adapt on. “Indoor climbing is so easy. There is no planning, driving or hauling of gear required when indoor bouldering,” explained Magna. “You can just show up to the gym and climb, alone or with friends, for a quick 1-hour boulder or an all-afternoon mega-session!”

Not only is it a super fun way to exercise, there are multiple health benefits loaded with the sport too. “Firstly, there are the obvious physical benefits,” said Magna. “Bouldering makes your whole body strong, often you use muscles that you didn’t even know existed! I sleep better and thanks to the healthy community I have found that I eat healthier too now. For me climbing is like therapy, it’s a physical meditation and I have found it great for my mental health.” 

Bouldering at the Hangar is great whether you’re a newbie, intermediate or a pro! They host several socials and classes, including their ‘Hangar Women Rock’, a supportive session for women. 

If you’ve got reservations about heading down for the first time, Magna shares some wise words of advice. “Remember to take it easy. It should be fun! And don’t forget, if you feel scared or tired, you can take a longer break at any time.” 


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