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It’s every little girl’s dream to grow up and become a ballerina one day, but very few manage to make it in the competitive industry. It takes passion, persistence and precision, not to mention determination, to make it to the finish line. Here to prove the time and dedication is worth it is Sophie Adams, a ballerina, choreographer and fellow FIENA founding member. 

From directing events for clients including Dolce Gabbana and Jo Malone to choreographing and directing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Featuring The Flower Ballet, Sophie is one of the most inspiring names in the ballet world right now. We caught up with her, and the principal ballerina at The Flower Ballet, Natasha Trigg, ahead of our FIENA private ballet event to chat about all things ballet and learn more about what it’s like to be a professional ballerina.

For Sophie growing up, time was split between academic studying and time spent practising ballet. She’s always felt privileged to be able to balance her time between the two, saying “I was lucky enough when I was young to be able to prioritise my academic education alongside my ballet training and I had an incredible business studies teacher who taught me the foundations and gave me the confidence to create and run my own company.” 

She performed with The Bolshoi and The Kirov before training at the Central school of ballet in London. Upon graduating Sophie launched her business, Sophie Adams Ballet Company. She went on to say, “It has, however, been an invaluable experience for me to build my company slowly and learn as I go. I think the best way to grow is to jump in feet first, absorb everything you can and cross one hurdle at a time. Luckily I have a core team of incredible ballerinas and a loving family to support and share the journey with me.”

With her business now thriving, she’s been able to work with some of the biggest names across various industries, including her favourite Cartier. “We were lucky enough to be flown to Taiwan to perform at the launch of their Magicien jewellery collection at the Mandarin Oriental,” she explained. Closer to home and she’s performed for the likes of Jo Malone, Boodles at the V&A, The Ritz, Natural History museum, Bridgerton, Kensington Palace and many more. She said, "It's such an honour to bring classical ballet to these fabulous London venues and collaborate with creative brands to bring to life a truly magical, one of a kind experience.”  

Her latest production, The Flower Ballet, is performing for only one day at the Cadogan Hall, and both Sophie and the principal ballerina, Natasha Trigg, are excited for the big arrival. “This is the first time that excerpts from the full production of the ballet will be performed to the public. We have some of my favourite pieces from the ballet being performed at Cadogan Hall including Rose and Thorn pas de deux and The Fireflies,” said Sophie. 

Sophie has been busy crafting elements of this ballet performance for years, so she explains how exciting it is to be able for it to come to life on the big stage. She continued, “Over the years I've been creating the various elements of this ballet which has been such a lovely journey for me as a Director and Choreographer. It's been so wonderful to design the flower tutus and create the choreography inspired by the English countryside.” 

For Natasha, it’s an honour to be the principal ballerina of this passion project. She explained, “I have known Sophie for many years and throughout that time The Flower Ballet has always been a production Sophie has wanted to create. Sophie's dedication and drive with the company is amazing to watch and I love being a part of that.

“The reason I love dancing and working with Sophie Adams is because I can level with her, she is human, not just a company that sends you off to shows or jobs. Sophie cares about her company and her dancers.”

Built with stunning set design, beautiful costumes and striking choreography, Sophie’s fairytale is finally coming to life, and she can’t wait for what the future holds. Sophie added, “I'm looking forward to adding to the production year on year and creating a beautiful fairytale ballet that can be enjoyed for years to come.”

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